The G2V pico has become an invaluable tool in the Buriak Research Group, providing both the versatility and reliability that we need for our research.
— Buriak Research Group, University of Alberta

G2V pico. Solar simulators configured for your research.


RELIABLE SPECTRUM: The G2V pico ships with a best fit to the AM1.5G standard spectrum at illumination levels from 0.1 sun to 1.1 suns. Our spectra exceeds the ASTM requirements for spectral match by almost 5 times – typical error per wavelength bin is less than 5%, compared to the allowed 25%.

FLEXIBLE ILLUMINATION: The G2V pico illumination head is compact with a flexible cable, easily reconfigured to your experiments. Chemical resistance is provided by a Teflon illumination head, which can withstand acidic or basic baths for experiments requiring immersion in harsh chemical solutions.

STABLE POWER: The G2V pico’s custom LED drivers are designed to produce stable light output from microseconds to days. The temporal instability exceeds the ASTM E927 standard’s requirements by a factor of ten.

ENGINEERED SUNLIGHT:  Control as simple as "one-click sun" up to full control over each LED.  Easily adjusted illumination spectra and timing. Choose a location in the world and test your cells under different conditions, from sunrise to sunset. Source code is included for users who prefer to program the units themselves.