Closest to the Sun. 

The Perihelion ("closest to the sun") grow light offers an exquisite match to natural sunlight combined with an optional software interface that allows you to duplicate sunlight conditions for any location on Earth.    

Key Features

  • accurate artificial sunlight
  • optional 'one-click sun' technology
  • simple installation
  • quiet, fan-less operation
  • 3 year warranty

Detailed Description

Accurate Sunlight: The Perihelion grow light technology builds on 15 years of optical and radiometric experience, providing artificial sunlight at an economic cost. The plot shows a Perihelion grow light optimized for the 460 nm to the 660 nm range. Other ranges can be specified when ordering.


One-click Sun: G2V’s ‘one-click’ sun technology duplicates daylight for any time of day, any time of year, everywhere in the world. Point at the desired environment on the world map, or select among standard spectra. Seasonal adjustments can be advanced or delayed, depending upon your needs.

Adjustable Spectrum: Adjust each LED individually to manually produce a desired spectrum, choose from preset spectrum, or specify a target and the Perihelion will calculate a best fit match. Our custom LED drivers provide high precision control and stable operation.

Simple Installation: The Perihelion grow light ships with high efficiency power bricks that make use of your normal wall power. Mounting hardware is provided to hang the light in whatever orientation is needed.

Quiet, Fan-less Operation: A carefully designed chassis and heat sink shed heat efficiently, allowing for quiet, fan-less operation. Low operating temperatures extend LED lifetime and maintain high energy efficiency. 

Fully Programmable: Python source code including all G2V code for operating the unit is included for those that want to program the unit themselves, and custom sequences or spectra are available from G2V.

Warranty: All repairs are covered for the first three years. If we can't return the unit to specified operation, we'll offer a full refund.