Our G2V lighting project was fantastic - on time, on budget, and the results were first class. The documentation and access to the engineering team exceeded all of our expectations.
— Stream Technologies Inc.

G2V perihelion - Don't just buy lights. Buy yield.


Precise sunlight: Built on technology developed for cutting-edge solar cells - G2V's perihelion grow lights enable full spectral control without intensity loss.  


Seasons on demand: Take control of your plant's growth with 'One-click Sun' technology. Adjust the seasons to maximize growth. 


Durable lighting: High efficiency, low-volume, low-temperature lighting built to last in commercial environments.

perihelion VS903

Programmable-Spectra LED Commercial Horticulture Grow Light

  • Adjustable spectra for direct match to plant needs.

  • Programmable with 'One-click Sun' technology to simulate natural sun intensity and durations for any geography.

  • High uniformity over 4’ x 4’ grow area.

  • Ultra-low power use and low excess heat generation.

  • Thin profile ideal for vertical farming and shelf-installation.