Equinox Solar Simulator 


ECONOMIC SUNLIGHT: The Equinox is a solar simulator reduced to its essential components, matched to the area of research devices.  We have focused ruthlessly on delivering the best possible solar simulator in the smallest possible footprint. The Equinox exceeds the requirements for Class AAA in spectral match and temporal stability, in an area optimized for research devices. 

GLOVEBOX COMPATIBLE: Designed to be compatible with a glovebox environment, allowing testing of OPV devices without exposure to oxygen. The small footprint conserves glovebox space, and low power use minimizes waste heat. The controls are designed to be operator friendly. In the case of spill or spray, the Equinox has removal glass plates that can be easily cleaned.

ACCELERATE YOUR RESEARCH: The Equinox can accelerate your research program by speeding the testing process. Time to accurate testing conditions is measured in seconds, not 30 minutes. Small enough for crowded lab benches, it can go wherever your research needs it.  

SIMPLE OPERATION:  The Equinox is designed to minimize testing errors, presenting a fixed AM1.5G spectrum to your research devices. The system is designed for long term stability, with custom LED drivers minimizing short term variations, and thermal regulation of the LEDs to improve day-to-day reproducibility. Bulb changes are eliminated by using LEDs with 50,000 hour lifetimes.